Delectable Flavors
Masterfully Made

The amazing flavors of Özsüt are prepared by expert artisans using nothing but daily milk, the freshest fruits, and the highest quality chocolates, and are completely free of preservatives.


Özsüt Winter Menu

Mevsime özel yepyeni dokunuşlar!

A special thanks to loyal customers!

Özsüt is launching a special campaign to express its gratitude to loyal customers, franchisees, and employees, who have been part of its brand journey of 85 years from a humble ice-cream store to an international chain with 150 branches in 45 provinces of Türkiye and seven locations in Azerbaijan. Özsüt remains true to its roots and employs skilled artisans who combine traditional methods and the brand’s passion for innovation to create peerless flavors every day. With a 10,000-square meter production facility and a 1,500-square meter cold storage facility, Özsüt provides employment for approximately 3,000 people and produces 120,000 servings of cake, 150,000 servings of milk-based desserts, 20,000 servings of syrup-based desserts, 10 tonnes of ice cream, and 7 tonnes of pastry that are enjoyed across Türkiye every single day.

Su böreğine Özsüt dokunuşu Cheddarlı Peynirli Su Böreği

Our Story

1938 - 2022

The first Özsüt store opens in Kemeraltı, Izmir. Initially selling only yogurt and kaymak, the store expanded into milk desserts made with traditional recipes used in the palace kitchen.


Özsüt continues its focus on traditional desserts, making a name for itself as an iconic dessert-maker in Izmir.

Sefer Urlulu

Sefer Urlulu, or Artisan Sefer as he was known, played a key role in the story of Özsüt, which he established in 1938. And that is how the journey of Özsüt began.

1938 - 2022
A global brand born in Izmir

Özsüt continues its journey with its café concept, which offers a rich menu with a variety of options that enable guests to spend time in a comfortable setting and try different flavors any time of the day. Özsüt has been steadily increasing its number of stores in Türkiye every year and currently has five locations overseas as well. Feasibility studies are also underway for investments in countries in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

The Most Reputable Brand

We are delighted to have been chosen as the first among the three finalists, determined by public vote at Marketing Türkiye’s #TheONEAwards2018, the one and only award that recognizes brands that have increased their reputation the most during the year. T